Formerly: Google AdWords 

What is Google Ads?

Google covers over 88% of searches in the US. You can access this huge traffic and pool of potential customers via two methods: Google Ads and SEO.

Let’s focus on Google Ads in this article.

Google Ads is made of five interweaving advertising systems/specializations:

  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Display
  • Google Video (YouTube)
  • Mobile Ads

Each of these is not a separate entity - they are actually interconnected with each other in many ways.

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Google Search

It was originally called “AdWords” before Google swallowed other businesses and grew to be an advertising leader.

Sponsored links (which are made of text and links) are the most crude tool in Google’s arsenal. Because no one has figured out anything better, they are still a valuable source of traffic.

You should consider using Google Search Ads as a main tool if you have a strong brand, are reselling recognizable other brands, or are offering professional services.

For ecommerce, Google Search might be too expensive to use as a primary source of traffic and conversions.

Google Shopping

Have you noticed products with prices just below them when you started to type “new watch model”?
These are Google Shopping Ads - you need to be here if you run any type of ecommerce.

Google Shopping Ads are made of two parts which are equally important: Merchant Center data feeds and Google Shopping Ads campaigns.

Not going into details:

Merchant Center is the “what”

Shopping campaigns are the “how” for showing your products to clients

There are many tactics to achieve good results in Google Shopping. We have been working with Google Shopping for over four years and have solid knowledge and experience to implement and manage them for you.

Google Display

“Google Display Network” as it is officially called.

This Google Ads campaign allows you to show image, animated or video ads on other websites and YouTube.

Google announced that their Display Network has coverage for 90% of all internet users. While we don’t have data to confirm or deny this claim, we know how and when to use display ads for a wide spectrum of businesses.

The most important use of Google Display is remarketing. It might be dynamic remarketing, Gmail users targeting with customer lists or just standard website visitors following ads.

Google Video

In other words, YouTube advertising ( For now Google keeps it as a separate distribution network but there are signs of merging Video and Display into a single distribution network.

This format is dedicated for you only if you have a budget to create a videos or have some recording and video editing skills yourself.

Targeting is very similar to Google Display. You might remarket your website users, target by subjects or chosen YouTube channels. Geographic, demographic and age audience tailoring works exactly the same way.

Google Mobile Ads

This part of Google Ads started as AdMob mobile advertising network and after a successful few years was acquired by Google (read more on Wikipedia:

Under actual Google Mobile specialization, there are some fine tools focused on promoting mobile applications. Using them you can drive recognition, installations or user re-engagement depending on your needs.

The same rules apply for mobile ads like for any other type of Google Ads. You might use geographic, demographic and age audience tailoring. Additionally you might integrate Google Ads with Firebase application analytics and create and use remarketing lists based on user in-app behaviour.

What do we offer?

Professional agency support. We will take care of your campaigns’ daily and weekly maintenance to keep your ads running in perfect shape.

Self-serving vs Agency Support

Let's assume you know how to cook a pizza. Still - it does not make you professional pizzolo.

The same applies for advertising. This is not rocket science - this is just knowledge, experience and passion about what you do. If you mix those ingredients, you will get better results than an amateur (who may be enthusiastic but he will burn half of his pizzas).

Unless advertising is your favorite free time activity - hire us :)

Should I expect miracles?

Of course! But let’s define what a “miracle” is first.

Compared to non-professional services - we will produce more than 100% better results. It might be the same amount of users but with higher conversion rates or just more users and conversions.

How much does it cost?

You need to consider two factors:

  • Cost of media (clicks and impressions)

- Depends on the type of business, competitive environment, geographic and demographic reach
- Changing any of the factors mentioned above will change media cost estimations, e.g. running a state-wide campaign instead of a local one might increase a campaign cost from $400 to $50,000.

  • Management fees

- This is what we charge for our services. We estimate the amount of work required for each account independently.
- Each estimate is comprised of two parts:
    - Setup (creating accounts, analytics, conversions, etc.) which is a one-time fee
    - Maintenance (weekly checkpoints) and how many hours it takes to complete. Maintenance costs start after setup is complete and all campaigns have started running.
- Our current hourly rate is $40.

Management fees example calculation #1: Local Business
For a small business that provides local services, setup should take no more than 5 hours. It will take about 2 hours each week to keep the Google Ads campaigns up and running

Setup Cost (one-time fee) = (5 hours) x ($40) = $200

Maintenance Cost (monthly) = (2 hours) x (4 weeks per month) x ($40) = $320

Management fees example calculation #2: ecommerce 1,000 - 5,000 Products
For an ecommerce with 1,000 - 5,000 products, setup will take around 10 hours of work and it might require 4 to 5 hours per week to keep the campaigns in shape.

Setup Cost (one-time fee) = (10 hours) x ($40) = $400

Maintenance Cost (monthly) = (4 to 5 hours) x (4 weeks per month) x ($40) = $640 to $800
*Keep in mind this depends on the scale of work

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