Facebook Ads

Let's start with hard numbers:

  • 71% of American adults use Facebook (source 1source 2)
  • 244 million Facebook active users (source)
  • 126.3 million Messenger users (source)
  • 108 million Instagram users (source)
  • 68.1 million WhatsApp users (source)

For every business, there are customers - regardless of whether it is a B2B or a small bakery/cafe. It is safe to assume that you can reach almost all of your potential clients via Facebook. No matter your business branch or size.

Understand Facebook Ad Targeting and The Major Difference vs Google Ads.

Both Facebook and Google have access to huge databases about users’ behaviour but this data is based on different touchpoints.

Facebook tracks your interests, demographic data, likes and behaviour on any page or app it has it’s pixel installed. This is actually a lot and access to this data will help you set up impressive targeting combinations.
Meanwhile Google does not have easy access to demographic data and interests but it has search.

While search campaigns are targeting particular moments of interest for any person (in general), Facebook Ads campaigns are focused on audience tailoring (like assemblage of similar people in one room) and showing your ads to your chosen customer personas.

Every time you think about Facebook Ads you need to remember that Facebook users are not using Facebook to make a purchase nor they are ready to spend money at the particular moment they see your ad.

Perfect approach will be to reach the most likely customer at the time when he or she is the most interested in our services/products. Unfortunately neither Google, Facebook nor Microsoft/Bing/Linkedin advertising systems are able to deliver it, no matter what they are boasting.

Google works hard to catch up with interests targeting which was a waste of money in their Display Network a couple years ago. At the moment they were able to connect user intent with his search queries.

“How They See You, That's How They Perceive You”

This Polish proverb describes exactly how you should approach brand awareness.

And “They” usually see a way more than you think. This means you should put the real effort to create and maintain the consistent image of your business.

Facebook Ads should be no. 1 brand building tool you should utilize. No matter how big your business is, you can create a consistent company image starting at a neighbourhood scale. Nowadays a well maintained fanpage of your company on Facebook works as a business card. It’s a place where potential customers come to check the reviews, photos, news, information about promos and even the menu or a price list.

Facebook Ads Use and Results Examples

Facebook Ads are offering many possibilities for every kind of business.

Local business
You have just opened a nice coffee shop and would like to let people in the neighborhood know about your business? We can start with a Brand Awareness campaign, run an ad which displays a welcome post with your offer, photo and location targeting people who are currently in a 1 mile (or more) radius from your location.

You run an ecommerce and have noticed many abandoned baskets? Let’s remind people what they left behind by showing them a carousel with your products or lure them back with a small promo code and personalized message ;)

Online Events
Are you organizing a webinar? Do you want to extend your newsletter list? Or maybe you have prepared a great diet plan in PDF and would like to send it to subscribed people? Well, then Lead Ads are perfect for this! An ad with a form/questionnaire will do the job.

Offline Events
Do you want to promote any cultural event? Maybe a concert, exhibition, workshop? We can collect interested people with a campaign where the main goal is to achieve the most event responses possible.

These are only couple examples, there are also special campaigns objectives like:

  • App installations
  • Page Likes
  • Video Views
  • Post Engagement
  • Messages
  • Conversions
  • Store Traffic
  • Reach

If you are not sure what will work best for you, you don’t have to be. It is our job to analyse, advise and execute the best strategy for your business.

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