Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a service that brings potential customers looking for services in Google’s search engine to your website. Thanks to appropriate website optimizations, your website can appear higher in search results and this will result in an increased number of users.

SEO consists of several key elements:

  • Website optimization in accordance with Google’s guidelines
  • Obtaining links and links leading to your website
  • Content marketing

Not every website requires work in each of these areas and thus we divide our proposals into elements as:

1 - SEO Auditing

Every campaign usually starts with an audit which allows you to identify:

  • Issues that a particular site struggles with
  • Have a glance at the competition
  • Plan an action strategy and a technical error recovery plan

Audit work can be divided into the following:

  • Full Site Audit
    Contains all of the activities below.
  • Technical Audit
    This focuses on correct code syntax, loading speeds, correct indexation, properly configured redirects, and broken page elements.
  • Link Profile Audit
    Focus on links that are directed to the site under study. This audit analyzes the number of links, their quality, proportions, time in which they were obtained, the type of pages from which they come and many other factors.
  • Content and Internal Linking Audit
    The content and structure of information is part of the SEO strategy, giving the greatest potential for website development. In this part of the audit, we focus on appropriate content optimization based on data from search results for the desired key phrases.

2 - Link Building

There is no effective SEO action without a proper link profile. As part of link building, we deal with:

  • Building Dedicated Facilities
    We will prepare a set of pages on topics similar to your business profile and provide links to your offer.
  • Coordinating External Publications
    We will plan a campaign for obtaining links, order texts and ensure publication. (TBD)
  • Backlinks
    Sometimes a standard campaign is not enough which means it’s time to backlink. We will analyze your online competition and obtain links.

3 - Content Planning (Draft Preparation)

Do you run a company blog? Do you write product descriptions for stores? Don’t do it by feel. We will plan tailor-made content for you - content that will generate traffic to your site. In the draft, you will find elements such as: length, number of occurrences of the most important keywords, title and headline suggestions, alt tags and number of graphics and other necessary suggestions for creating an article.

4 - Content Creation

If you don’t have time to write, you can outsource it to our specialists. Based on the previously prepared draft, we will create an article, product or category description.

Other Services

5 - Current Site Care

We will regularly monitor your site for malware issues, crawl errors, or loss of visibility due to technical issues or algorithm updates.

6 - Consultations

If you position your site yourself and are sometimes unsure which solution is best, let’s arrange a consultation. Our specialists with many years of experience will answer your questions and quickly dispel any doubts.

7 - Configuration of Analytical Tools

To improve visibility and website traffic, you first need to measure it correctly. We can help you implement tracking codes of the most popular analytical tools. Thanks to this, you will get the most out of your data and not miss any critical information.